Sample Editing Agreement

While I was here, I checked your processing service. Can you find out more about the reader report? I think it could be an option for the first professional treatment, depending on the price and what you offer. I read the example, but it will be different for each story. The Publishers Association of Canada (Editors Canada) adopted the Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement in 1985. While the agreement has been updated in previous years, the new model contract for drafting services is a completely revised and updated version. The terms of this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of California, USA. This agreement can only be modified by written agreement between the publisher and the customer and constitutes the only agreement between the parties. Signed by the parties to this Agreement at ________ (date) by the Customer and following the standard manuscript format: one inch edge, double distance, TNR 14 or Courier 12 in an RTF or Word 2007 (or earlier) document. [This format is required for a price offer per page.

No need to reformat if you want one citation per word] All processing is done via Track Changes and Inserted Comments on an electronic version of the manuscript, unless otherwise agreed in writing, and is returned to the author by e-mail on or before _____Date). The contract is between Linda Carroll-Bradd (« Editor ») Managing Editor of Lustre Editing, and ________ (« Client ») and relates to the edition (« Services ») of the following manuscript: It looks like you have a good contract! I doubt that one day I will embark on the treatment myself, but it`s nice to have something to compare. 16. The author acknowledges that the order of professional writing and/or writing services does not guarantee a sale of books or representation by a literary agent. A detailed contract definitely helps to avoid any confusion about the expectations of the project. After a potential client has contacted me, I will ask a few questions about their manuscript before making an example of treatment. Once the choice is made for my drafting services, I send a contract for the trial. .

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