Furniture Delivery Agreement

By accessing or using this site, or by abandoning an order through our site, you agree to accept all terms and conditions and you have therefore entered into an agreement with Contract Furniture Store Ltd that governs your use of our website. 11.5. If the force majeure event prevents, hinders or delays the performance of its obligations by the party concerned for an uninterrupted period of more than 3 months, the party that is not affected by the force majeure event may terminate this agreement by a written notification of twenty-eight days to the party concerned. (a) the other party, as soon as possible after the outbreak of force majeure, in writing, of the event of force majeure, of the date on which it began to inform the probable or potential duration and the impact of the force majeure event on its ability to fulfil any of its obligations under the Treaty; and 6th payment. The terms of payment are fifteen (15) net from the date of sending a delivery confirmation to the sender. The sender shall be liable to Deliveright for all costs arising from the services provided by Deliveright, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise in writing. 8. Loss and deterioration of cargo. Deliveright is liable as a driver under 49 U.S.C.

§14706 for loss or damage suffered during the carriage and delivery of products transported under this Agreement, except for such loss or damage resulting from conditions of force majeure or caused by any of the waivers provided for in the Receiving Guidelines (Appendix B). Deliveright`s liability begins when Deliveright takes physical possession of the goods and takes control of the goods and ends when the sender and/or receiver signs the delivery note without damage. In the event of loss or damage, the shipper will assert claims for such loss or damage against Deliveright. Claims for damages are not accepted for objects made of fragile materials, including, but not limited to, glass, mirror, marble, ceramic or tile, or carpets and/or carpets. It is Deliveright`s responsibility to review and settle all claims with the shipper within 30 days from the date the claim is filed. The Shipper will endeavor to assert claims against Deliveright within seven (7) days of delivery or in the event of loss or non-delivery within seven (7) days from the date the Shipper is notified of such loss. To the extent that Deliveright is liable for damages, no freight or home delivery charges are charged to the shipper for replacement products. If Deliveright is responsible for damage to an order and attempts to repair that damage, but the customer refuses to accept the repaired items, Deliveright is responsible for ordering a replacement. In the event that the recipient`s apartment is damaged, the recipient and/or sender will do everything in their power to assert their rights with Deliveright within 48 (48) hours of delivery. Regardless of the above, Deliveright`s liability for an order does not exceed 5,000 USD.

2.1. All descriptions of the goods are provided for identification only and the use of such a description does not constitute a sale or description. The company maintains a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to change specifications at any time prior to delivery without notice….

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