Stable Yard Rental Agreement

5 SCHEDULE 3 Additional Services Fees A daily maintenance and/or remedial service one/two/three/three times a day in addition to pet food A daily mucking-out service passes the A care service. Everyday / Weekly Assembly and Carpet Removal [] per day Handling and supplying the horse for a veterinarian/farrier/dentist visits a daily check-up service for grazing horses A daily/hand-held/participation in the exercise/ participation rate of the inner school outdoor school Exercise Paddock Vet/Farrier/Clipping Room Other to pay the owner on a weekly/monthly basis in one (1) month of delivery. SCHEDULE 4 The owner remains responsible at all times as: DUTIES OF THE OWNER 1. the horse is inspected once/twice/three times a day (if not in the pasture) 2. the horse is fed once/twice and three times a day 3. the horse is sucked in daily (if stabilized) 4. The horse comes with enough hard fodder 5. the horse is regularly exercised according to its needs 6. The horse is visited every 10 weeks 7 by a registered Farrier.

the horse is dewormed according to the shipyard policy 8. the horse is vaccinated in accordance with the instructions of the shipyard 9. Civil liability insurance is maintained with respect to the importance of horses This draft contract aims to provide guidance and areas of guidance for those who wish to enter into a paint agreement. Anyone who proposes to enter into such an agreement in writing should be advised on their particular circumstances. TERMS – CONDITIONS FULLY MANAGED SERVICE For the purposes of this agreement, the following definitions apply:- Keywest Estate Agents Ltd is known as The Agent… will be known as The Owner. 3.1 The owner ensures that the horse is stocked with all the issues described in the calendars (it will be the owner`s responsibility to your horse, the services provided by the shipyard, fees for the use of services, a profile of your horse, and a daily breakdown of your horse`s routine farm farm, and is created in four parts) Questions 2010 The objective of B Test Care is to find a candidate who has a practical knowledge of the maintenance of a stabilized horse, or grass holding horse or pony. The objective also applies to the care of these horses 6.1 No modification of the terms of the contract is valid or binding, except except prior written agreement between the site and the owner.

if the property is only a stable block with an adjacent field or if it has the most complete equestrian facilities 5.1 This contract is valid for the duration, subject to a previous termination in accordance with this agreement. 2.4 The Court develops and publishes, with veterinary advice, a public health policy which, subject to it, must include guidelines on deworming and vaccination. Facilities could be limited to a single stable block or the best equipped paint site with indoor school, outdoor arena, other outbuildings and couplings. 2 Below, you will find an example of a live contract that could serve as the basis for the development of an agreement: This agreement will be established on DRAFT CONTRACT FOR LIVERY SERVICES ACT FORS Date: Between (1) Yard`s name and address: and (2) OWNER owner`s name and address, the horse has been rented: the owner is the owner of the horse or the person to whom the horse has been loaned and wishes to instruct the court to perform the services relating to the horse in accordance with this agreement. CONSIDERING the reciprocal payments and promises contained in this contract, the Court and the owner agree as Follow 1 THE SERVICES 21.1 The Court will provide services at all times in an efficient and professional manner that meets the horse`s welfare needs, while exercising all the skills, care and care that can be expected from a competent and properly qualified paint shop.

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