Service Level Agreement Agb

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) or the German Service Quality Agreement (DGV) refers to a contract between an IT service provider (Provider) that regulates in detail recurring IT services in terms of service level, response time and processing speed. The quality of service (level of service), which describes the agreed quality of service, is an important element in this regard. 19.3. SysEleven`s right to remuneration for monthly remuneration and all other costs remains in place until the systems are finally closed. On a case-by-case basis, a reduction in civilian monthly pay, agreed availability levels and guarantee terms may be agreed for this period. 5.4 When using the services, the customer undertakes to comply with relevant contractual and legal provisions, such as these CGVs, other provisions of the contract as well as existing cantonal and federal laws, including data protection, telecommunications and copyright. In particular, services should not be misused to carry out criminal offences. Sending by e-mail (spam) sending mass mailings or flyers to recipients who did not expressly wish to receive the messages is also considered an abuse. 2.1 The service contract with the customer is concluded or Netstream is bound only when Netstream has confirmed in writing or e-mail the registration of a service contract signed by the customer in a legally binding manner. Netstream has the start of the customer`s use of the services. The customer takes note of the fact that, for organizational or technical reasons, the start-up of the use of the services provided by Netstream may at most be delayed. The customer cannot deduct any rights to Netstream.

21.3. For all disputes that arise directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship, Berlin is where the customer is a trader within the meaning of the HGB, a public legal entity or a special public law fund. This also applies as part of an exchange and cheque process. 11.1. Quantitative changes in performance due to hosting/offer/performance certificate (e.g. for storage space used, number of cpu nuclei or amount of memory, as well as the number of systems of a type (e.g., application server, database slave server, etc.) can be made by the client himself or by SyslevE at any time. Such requests for changes should be sent directly to the Service Desk by email to via the ticket system. Requests for changes are received on weekdays, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., and recorded in the ticketing system.

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