Safe Restart Agreement Federal

The Safe Restart Agreement (SRA) is a federal investment of more than $19 billion to help provinces and territories revitalize their economies safely and make our country more resilient to future increases in COVID-19. Over the next few months, the Ontario government and the Government of Canada will jointly develop an eventuality that could allow up to 78,000 tests per day to be tested on a standardized basis in Ontario, which is our share of the federal national test requirement per capita. Our ambitious testing objectives, including this additional potential for increased power surge capacity, are interdependent and are made possible by specific supports and other federal partnerships, including the approval and availability by the federal government of new point-of-care testing, the management of tests at Canada`s borders, and the activation of alternative testing modes. The federal government will also invest $1.1 billion across the country to fully fund and manage a COVID-related health-cessation program for Canadians who do not have sick leave. Under this agreement, the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut will receive more than $37 million in additional health services and assistance to remote populations. These services and aids may include isolation centres, infection prevention and staff control training, assistance with public housing and coverage of increased operating costs. « The Government of Nunavut has responded quickly and effectively to COVID-19 to keep nunavummout healthy and safe. We face unique challenges and circumstances and are very grateful that the Canadian government recognizes that traditional per capita funding formulas do not work for our territory. We look forward to continued collaboration in the fight against the proliferation of COVID-19 in Nunavut.  » – The Value of Joe Savikataaq, Premier of Nunavut As we have demonstrated through our significant testing launch since the beginning of the pandemic, Ontario is and remains the national test leader. We are already testing more people per capita than any other province – and we are committed to doing whatever is necessary to further increase testing capacity, meet the needs of the people of our province and be prepared in the event of a second wave.

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