Master Labor Agreement King County

March 22, 2017 The agreement includes additional employment protection, funding and training (FALL RIVER, Mass.) – Teamsters Local 251 is pleased to announce that the River City Council case has approved a collective agreement for employees of the city`s Community Maintenance Department (MCD). The agreement was reached following an outcry of […] October 5, 2017 We have some exciting news! Today, after nine months of difficult negotiations, our King County Coalition of Unions has reached a fully recommended preliminary agreement with the county through a Master Laboratory Agreement (MLA). From the beginning, our goal in the GWG negotiations was to consolidate the strongest language of the countless contracts […] September 7, 2017 Watch this video with our members of the Seattle School District who have been working hard all summer to prepare Seattle schools for a new year. Thank you to our members for their hard work and commitment! The kids in Seattle appreciate it, and so do we. May 22, 2019 A group of Teamsters Local 174 members who are doing port construction and navy maintenance for the Port of Seattle have ratified a new strong 3-year contract. Among other things, the new agreement includes paid vacation, leave and sick leave that the group had exchanged for many years for higher wages and pensions […] September 8, 2017 King County Master Labor Agreement (MLA) negotiations are going on the line. Der Landkreis ist daran interessiert, bis zum zum 28. Dezember eine vorl-ufige Einigung mit der Koalition durch den Vertrags-bertragungsprozess des Landkreis einzuleiten. To meet this timetable, they have proposed to end the MLA negotiations by next week and a small table […] February 6, 2017 The sheriff refuses to negotiate in good faith with the Union about Grundy Co.

Sergeants (GRUNDY COUNTY, Ill.) – On February 1, 2017, Teamsters Local 700 filed an unfair labor practice with the Illinois Labor Board against the Sheriff of Grundy County and Grundy County (« Employers »). , after the employer filed health insurance […] January 23, 2017 Local 952 Delivers with Wage and Benefit Improvements Residents of Orange County, Calif., may notice a spring in the step of county workers since 450 have recently ratified their first Teamster contract.

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